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:star: Theme :star: 


The theme of this contest is the hateship between Shak and Wesker. We’re looking for entries that do the best job of demonstrating their relationship. We’re also including a list of other OCs who cross paths with the two of them from time-to-time who can also be included in the entries.


:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: References :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:


These are Shak’s references:


Shak Bio 2014 - Complete by Shakahnna

Clothing Reference:

Shak Costume Refs by Shakahnna

Face Claim:



And these are Wesker’s:

Face and Clothing

Wesker Reference by Shakahnna



These are the things that are usual for their relationship:

Art of them together…

:heart: Other OC’s :heart: 


Should you want to include other OCs here is the list, with references:


Both Shak and Wesker should always be present, but we would be more than happy to see any of these guys appear also.


It could be a double date, a versus or whatever you fancy.


Do note though that Shak would rather be on the side of these OCs (except in Alex’s case because she works for Wesker), than Wesker. Since she loves them and hates him =D.


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: Mediums :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:


The sky is the limit!


Art and writing will be judged separately.


But! Any artistic medium is welcome. Traditional, Digital, Photography, 3D Art, Music, whatever skills you have and would like to share.


:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Rules :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


01. Shak, Wesker and the theme must all be present in the piece in order for it to be judged. A picture of Wesker on his own wouldn’t count as an entry. They should be interacting and in character.


02. No Nudity. Absolutely no nudity. No nekkid. Do not naked. You cannot naked. Naked is my least favourite thing to do. Pictures featuring naked will be disqualified.


03. Only four entries will be judged per entrant. In the highly unlikely event that there are more than four from a single person, our favourite four would be taken forward.


04. Please don’t submit previously existing artwork, even altered, no matter how beautiful and sexy it is.


05. Don’t submit anyone else’s artwork, just in case it doesn’t go without saying.


06. Adhere to DA’s terms of service, although anything particularly gory can be hosted outside of DA and linked back to us.


07. Violence and gore encouraged. These two are not friends.


08. In the case of XNALara or other posing software entries, images from the same scene but from different angles won’t count as two separate entries.


09. Resident Evil 5 Wesker is not desirable. It’s okay if you like him, but we have no interest in seeing him. Everyone has their own interpretation, since he is a very popular character. We’ve tried our best to show how we see him for the purposes of this contest. That’s the Wesker that we’d like to see. Think of it as an AU/ OC whatever you like.


10. While we will accept black and white entries, any artwork submitted must be finished. No work in progress will be included.


11. We don’t mind looking at work in progress entries if you want feedback before the entry is finished and submitted. Link us up by note.


12. Please give proper credit to the creators of the Other OCs if you use them in your entry.


13. AU’s are totally awesome and accepted.


:star: Deadline :star: 


The deadline is 30th of September 2015.


:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: Prizes :bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:


1st 2 year Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent   / Massive Box of Win  /  Art / Wacom Tablet

2nd 1 months Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent   / Big Box of Win  /  Art / Wacom Tablet

3rd 6 Months Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent   / Big Box of Win   / Art /

4th 3 Months Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent   / Medium Box of Win   / Art

5th 3 Month Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent  / Small Box of Win   / Art

6th 1 Month Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent  / Small Box of Win / Art



1st 1 Year Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent  / Big Box of Win   / Art

2nd 3 Months Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent / Medium Box of Win   /   Art

3rd 1 Month Deviant Art Subscription, Points or Equivalent  / Small Box of Win   / Art


:la: Then there are the special prizes :la:

These are not specific prizes but ones that we keep in reserve for the following situations:

- If something is completely out of character but insanely cute.

- So hilarious it makes us laugh out loud.

- If an artist submits two pieces of such exceptional quality that we cannot choose between them and want to give them their prize twice.

- A really original idea or unique concept.

- Lastly, judge’s prerogative prize. Since we are a team of six judges, we might not always agree so if a judge sees something they particularly love, they can give it a special prize.


* Equivalent being whatever you’d like for the same price, i.e. xbox live, amazon wishlist, items on ebay, etc. The only limit being we would have to be able to pay with paypal because we don’t actually own a credit card.


As for Boxes of Win, if you choose that as your prize and provide us with a list of fandoms/interests that you have, we will fill a box of goodies and send it to you. These can easily be hundreds of pounds worth of merchandise, depending on what you’re interested in. It can contain action figures, nendoroids, t-shirts, mugs, key chains, jewellery, badges, magnets, stickers, etc.


Want to know what kind of things we mean? JUST - TAKE - A - LOOK - AT - THIS!: Contest Prizes 1 by Shakahnna Contest Prizes 2 by Shakahnna


Art would depend on place but first and second place could ask for a custom doll or Nendoroid. Or select one already in my gallery:

Art PrizesFor the art prizes, I’m able to do any kind of art that appears in my gallery.
These nendoroids are already made up and available, as well as any other custom nendoroids, custom 1/6 size dolls, plushies and clay chibis.
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)
Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2)
Annette Birkin (Resident Evil 2)
William Birkin (Resident Evil 2) Human
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil Code Veronica)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 4)
King Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins) Cailan’s Armour
Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)
Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) Long Hair
Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan) Custom Nendoroid Petite - SnK - Eyebrows Smith by Shakahnna
Raziel (Legacy of Kain) Wraith Form Custom Chibi - LOK - Raziel by Shakahnna
Fiona Belli (Haunting Ground) Custom Nendoroid Petite - HG - Fiona Belli by Shakahnna
Ms Mary (Clock Tower First Fear) Custom Nendoroid Petite - CT - Ms Mary by Shakahnna
Jennifer (Clock Tower 2

Choices for the Tablet are Wacom CTE-630BT3,  Wacom Volito and Wacom Intuos A4-size. There is also an Amazon Kindle with leather case, if that interests anyone.




01. :iconthekrystalcat: Cute and Deadly (Contest Entry) by TheKrystalCat

02. :icondanielle-chan: CE: BITE HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF by Danielle-chan  

CE: She got him by Danielle-chan

03. :icontheskullmc:

At Each Other's Throats by TheSkullMC 

Mature Content

This Will Shut You Up by TheSkullMC

04. :icondrawingartistjulia: Shak and Wesker The hate date(contest entry) by Drawingartistjulia
05. :iconlonelymori: Puppets Masters and Mannequins v2 by lonelymori

06. :iconevios: You Missed Me by Evios

07. :iconpearlsbird: Shak and Wesker- comtest by PearlsBird
08. :iconmindforcet: 

Firey Hateship by MindForcet

:star: WRITING ENTRIES :star:

01. :iconweskerian:

Mature Content



Any questions you can note me!

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