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:star: The very lovely :icondanielle-chan: is taking requests for the Jam (what a babe) which you can find here 

Art trades-Closed Species requests- REOC JamSo I'm wanting to take a few more!   Also because I've recently acquired a closed species adopt myself I'm willing to take some requests on them!  as well as any requests for scenes or things related to :iconshakahnna:'s Resident evil OC art jam.
Art trades:
Art jam things:
Also status on my pup: He's doing fine, his leg is a bit stiff, but he's been getting to stay inside and is literally eating the affection like candy so...
 Go give her some love!

We've had an amazing response so far and have some great characters to play with. Keep them coming guys :love: 

:iconweskerian: and I would like to write a series of stories based on various OC’s.

:star: To start with, we will write a small drabble for every OC just to make sure we have their character down, then we move onto writing the bigger story :la:

I’d really like to get a large number of characters involved with this and just basically see where it goes? Something really fun with a cast of OC’s.

Also I’ll probably commission art from the stories but I also absolutely encouraged anyone who wants to be involved to treat this like an art jam. Art of your own OC’s, art of other peoples? Any stories that you want to write yourself with any of the characters, anything. Just the sort of thing where we can have fun together.


Basically what we want to do with this is have a big community project. So absolutely don’t be shy about getting involved.


If it takes off, we will probably start a group? But post Christmas time, it can be really easy to be blue. All the dark and cold but figured maybe might be a good way to combat that =D.


Bio is here! Bio for Fiction!These can be uploaded, noted to us or even left in the comments section of the journal.  Any questions, totally just ask.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella):
Preferred Romantic Interest (If any. Can be other OC or canon)
Relationship to other OC’s (If OC’s are friends/enemies etc Feel free to speak to other people submitting OC’s!)
Any misc information:
Are you okay with..
Character death?
Character Infection?
Mutilation (Wounding)?
Background changes (We’d discuss anything we wanted to change rather than hello nasty surprise after it was written.)
Are you okay with other people using your character in art/fiction (can note us if uncomfortable)
Anything else you’d specifically be adverse to.  
Story details
The intention is to write a series of interconnected scenarios around Raccoon City during the events of the outbreak. Similar to t


Feel free to fill it in and submit it. Can note me or ask here if you have any questions or even if you are just interested.


For those of you wondering, this is the style it will be written in! (But it won’t be following any of the plot bunnies from there.)

RE AU - Tag AlongBurke found her in the old shed again. She was draped over the table, a bottle in one hand and an unlit cigarette in the other.
When he’d first started the job, the place had been used for storing tools and cobwebs. Not much else. They’d cleaned off the table and brought in a couple of chairs. He’d wired in a new bulb and together they’d tossed the junk out of the storeroom to make way for more junk. Now it was downright homey.
Not that he’d ever intended to sleep there, but she seemed game to try.
“Shak,” he called, snapping his fingers above her head until she stirred, “you’ve got a bed at home, don’t you?”
“Fuck off,” she grunted, tilting her head one way to swig from her bottle and then the other to pop the cigarette between her lips, “don’t wanna sleep there.”
“Okay, so why don’t you just come crash at mine?”
She made a dismissive noise and flicked the flint on her lig


I will feature any bio posted on this journal!


Catchy name to follow? 

:star: Bios :star:

:iconrythmear: Colin 'Cheeks' Belgrade, Gavin Aurea 

Kiz Bio - REOC JamName: Kiz Sinistral
Age: 27
Occupation: UBCS Special Tactic Operative - Demolitions
Skill-set: Kiz is particularly handy with anything that goes boom! She can make explosives from pretty much the barest of ingredients, but also knows how to handle more high-tech equipment also. She knows how to handle various weaponry, but prefers a simple handgun as a side arm.
Personality: She cold most of the time, unless she is totally goofing off with Steel – which happens more often than not. She can come across as perpetually angry; but not violent with it. Cynical. She has a very dry sense of humour.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): UBSC, but she does desert them.
Body Type: Slender, curvy. She is physically fit but not muscled
Height: 5'2''
Hair: Cut into a bob just above shoulder length at the front, but shorter at the back. The tips of the front are blond from when she had once dyed her hair but it has half g
  Pvt Steel REOC JamName: Pvt Steel
Age: 46
Occupation: UBCS Private
Skill-set: Basic soldier, weapons and combat training
Personality: Mostly a bit of an joker, he is the light hearted part of Kiz & Rhodes Unit.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): UBCS, Rhodes
Body Type: Older, thicker set. He has a beard which is mostly grey and turning white. His hair is thin and receding. Height: 5'10”
Outfit(s): Standard black UBCS Uniform.
Strengths: His combat and basic solder training, braver than his Captain (Not like that;s difficult)
Weaknesses: Doesn't take anything too seriously.
Preferred Romantic Interest: N/A
Relationship to other OC’s: Steel is a joker, he'll take the piss out of anyone as long as it causes a laugh.
Background: He followed Rhodes when they drafted out of the military to join the UBCS.
Any misc information: Steel is only a minor character.
Are you okay with..
Character death? Yes
Character Infection? Yes
Mutilation (Wounding)? Yes
Background changes (We’d disc
  Captain Rhodes REOC JamName: Henry Rhodes
Age: 32
Occupation: UBCS Company Leader
Skill-set: How Rhodes became the Captain of a Unit, no one quite knows... His particular Skill set mostly fits around being a control freak and a bully. He pushes his weight around until what he says goes.
Personality: Manipulative, controlling, abusive. There is very little likeable about Rhodes.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): UBSC/Himself
Body Type: Slim, physically fit with muscular definition.
Height: 5'8”
Hair: Black and shaggy, has the most bizarre cow-lick at the front which is just weird!
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Weather worn.
Outfit(s): Standard black UBCS Uniform, with a bandoleer of Magnum Bullets across his chest.
Strengths: Can keep a team of soldiers under his control, loud mouthed, strong enough to use a magnum as his primary weapon of choice. Combat Training.
Weaknesses: Cowardly and hot headed, emotionally guided and loses his self control quickly. Jerk.
Preferred Romantic Interest: Kiz, but it'

:iconweskerian:  RE Jam Bio - Ethan BurkeName: Ethan Burke
Age: Mid-twenties
Occupation: Gravedigger/handyman
Skill-set: Manual labourer/fixer
Personality: Churlish and ill-tempered, Burke tends towards sulking. His tongue is sharper and quicker than it probably should be and often gets him into trouble. And because he doesn’t get along well in conflicts or fights, this isn’t a good thing for him. An innately rational individual, if there is someone giving the advice “we should sit tight; someone has to do something about this eventually” it’s probably Burke.
He has the usual fears of death and dismemberment one would expect, but this generally won’t stop him from going into a dangerous situation for someone else’s sake, though usually only because he can’t stop Shak from going. Doesn’t make friends easily and so is eager to hang on to the one he has. Reasonably sympathetic and conscientious towards people, even if his attitude doesn’t always show it. Eager to encour
  RE Jam Bio - Sean DresdenName: Sean Dresden
Age: Late forties
Occupation: RPD Captain
Skill-set: Police officer
Personality: Dresden is a mild personality. He is a natural leader with a strong sense of justice and fair play. He is soft-spoken, diplomatic and kind by nature. He is well-liked by his peers and subordinates, though some can view him as an idealist. He is disciplined and expects this of those he works with, though he would not expect them to do anything he would not be willing to do first. However, because he would do anything in the execution of his duty, this does not let anyone off any hooks.
Would never let someone sacrifice themselves for something if he could do it for them. Consummate professional but the state of Raccoon City lately has been challenging even him. Normally, he has a patience of a saint, but even he won’t stand by a system that lets people suffer. Will always speak out in defence of someone and give them the benefit of the doubt, and won’t permit anyone to behave

:iconshakahnna:  RE Jam Bio - Shak MorganName: Shak Morgan
Age: Mid-twenties
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor for the RPD/Hustler
Skill-set: Fighter (close quarters/blunt weapons)
Personality: Brash, obnoxious and mischievous, a bit of a wind-up merchant, but quite charitable and forgiving. Willing to put herself out for others, even in extreme circumstances. Tends to only follow her own bead on things, unless she can be convinced by someone she trusts. Forthright with her opinion and believes the most direct approach to be the best. While she is obstinate, she isn't argumentative, and will usually just dismiss an opposing point of view rather than talk someone round.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): Hates Umbrella. Quite close with the STARS and various members of the police force because of Burke’s dad (probably also how she got her job). Conflicted about how that whole mess went down.
Appearance: Generally quite dishevelled, she doesn't rate personal grooming very highly. Her long, red hair is usually a mess. S

:icondistant-rain: Resident Evil OC - Jennifer Fitzgerald by Distant-Rain Resident Evil OC - Edgar Fitzgerald by Distant-Rain
:iconthetentaclecommander:  Tomas Haddens - REOC JamName: Tomas Frank Haddens
Age: 6
Occupation: kid
Skill-set: being a kid
Personality: A happy and bubbly child despite his home situation.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): His family (is definitely a mama's boy).
Appearance: A chubby cheeked boy with very curly red locks like his mother. His face has a faint smattering of freckles.
Outfit(s): Likes running around with a few of his father's JROTC jackets on so he could be cool like his dad. Sometimes he wears Brad Vicker's hat so he can pretend to be a pilot.
Hair Color: Strawberry Red
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 3'3" w/o shoes
Strengths: Can fit into small spaces and stay quiet. This may be due to his home life where if his parents were arguing, he'd hide in his bedroom closet till the yelling was over.
Weaknesses: Being a child, there isn't much he can do other than run and hide.
Preferred Romantic Interest (If any. Can be other OC or cano
  Gwen Parsons - REOC JamName: Gwendolyn Eve Parsons
Age: 20, nearing 21
Occupation: Waitress at J's Bar
Skill-set: Has a few skills in ID forgery; can handle her own in a fight (something she had to learn due to her rough upbringing). Can break into cars/hot-wire them.
Personality: Gwen has a flirty and teasing demeanor about herself which may have lead to her reputation as being sort of 'easy'. Of course if she were to overhear anyone talk like that near her, she wouldn't be afraid to give said shit talker a piece of her mind.
Her flirty yet hard personality hides a personal fear that she will never do better than her family and will be trapped in the trailer park/poverty stricken life that her family leads, never leaving Raccoon.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): Her family especially her son Tomas, as he is her life and will do anything to keep him safe and loved. Is on good terms with S.T.A.R.S. members, mainly through Brad Vickers despite her questionable backg
  Trent Haddens - REOC JamName: Trent James Haddens
Age: 21
Occupation: Town layabout; does odd jobs when sober due to his record holding him back.
Skill-set: Knows general skills from past JROTC programs and his military parents; ie. Can lead in a hectic situation (if he's sober) and use general firearms.
Personality: Brash and loud, he says what's on his mind damn the consequences. Trent and Gwen were jokingly known among friends as 'the powder keg and the match' due to them both being rather fiery people. He hates needing help and has an unwavering sense of justice even if it means doing unsavory things to achieve it (he attributes that pragmatic part of himself to hanging around Gwen for too long).
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): to his family ie. Gwen and Tomas. Doesn't get on well with the local police and especially doesn't get on well with S.T.A.R.S. members.
Appearance: A wiry build but slightly muscular due to off and on training so that he can meet
  Zeus - REOC Jam
Name: Zeus (NET003; Unit 3)
Age: N/A
Occupation: Being a creeper/stalking his bro, Nemesis. Generally being an unpleasant monster murdering things with glee.
Skill-set: Able to track and hunt down any assigned targets (when he isn't having delusions...). Can wield a customized rocket launcher, but is best at close quarters combat with hands and tentacles. Is ambidextrous.  
Personality: Predatory, but almost childlike in how he sees the world. He doesn’t quite grasp that harming/killing people is bad and sees it all as a fun game everyone is playing. Sees humans as play things...incredibly squishy playthings. He doesn’t say the trademark line his brother says, but tends to mumble, grunt out or whine out the word 'brother' depending on how stressed he is. Is prone to biting himself on the arms if he has a mental breakdown. Not that such a state renders him less dangerous or anything.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): Self/his

:iconmightynewtexas: Rand, Del, Christina, Kira
:iconhorrorlandcop74:  Blanky Bio-REOC jam
Name: Blanky Wood
Age: 28
Occupation: agent sent by the government to protect Birkin and his work.
Skill set: the usual training a government agent has;, martial arts, throws a mean punch. Skillful shooter.
Personality: Friendly but cautious. Once she knows someone well she will feel at ease and even open up more but it may take a while. Sometimes her good intentions are misunderstood. Too dedicated to her job to have time to socialise,  she will rarely be seen out at a bar or cafe. When she is though,it's when  she has some thinking to do or just needs a breather,which isn't very often.
Allegiance: the government
Body type: fit and toned.
Height: 175 cm (nor sure how many ft that is)
Hair: long, dark brown hair with fringe. She usually has it loose but wears it in a pony tail sometimes.
Eyes: dark hazel
Skin: tanned
Tattoos: none
Scars: some from years ago when she was still in training and from fighting.
Piercings: 3 in one ear and 2 in the other
Jewelry: a gold chain and h

:iconmindforcet:  Luna Claymore REOC JAM
Name: Luna Claymore
Age: 25
Occupation: None
Skill-set: Basic first aid, limited firearm skills and good with a knife.
She's usually a very nice person but if she's pissed off, don't talk to Her.(she'll bite your head off, lol)  She's always very shy when it comes to new people that she meets and loves to laugh. But once she gets to know someone, she'll open up. She likes to keep things to herself and doesn't tell anyone about it unless it's very important.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella):  solo
Appearance: She's 5'9".  has brown short hair and pale skin. On her left eye is purple and the right eye is green. Has a slight muscular body. she usually has a white eye-patch covering the purple eye. has a cross scar on her right eye and nasty scars on her lower legs.
Outfit(s): blue jeans, tennis shoes and light blue plaid shirt open with a black tank top or a long sleeve shirt.
Strengths: Knife ski

:icondanielle-chan: ORLY COM: ORLY by Danielle-chan
:icondama-rossa: Eydis Anderson
:iconjohndamen:  RE Jam Bio - Kyle HardinName: Kyle Hardin

Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (formerly: United States Navy)

Firearms, chemist and medic

While dedicated to his goals and keeping his word as well as ensuring
those around him are kept as safe as can be expected, Kyle also has
something of a pragmatic side. If someone cannot be, or does not want
to be helped, he will go on his way, especially if he is already
looking after someone or a group of people. His interactions with
others are often laced with dry and/or self-depreciating humor and
sarcastic wit, which has as much of a chance to annoy as it does to
be humorous, but by and large it is a coping mechanism to help him
deal with his depression as well as to deflect any inquiries as to
his state of mind. He has been doing it for so long that he's come to
believe he really is fine, until the nights come when he wakes
himself up screaming and the illusion of being fully menta
  RE Jam Bio - Nika Kuznetsova
Name: Nika Kuznetsova

Student (Raccoon University); waitress (Grill 13)

Athlete (Sprinter), limited self-defense

When on her own, she can indulge in faintly childlike behavior with
an active and fertile imagination and take enjoyment in things that
would be called “immature” by people she would call
vysokomernyy” with one such source of enjoyment being lego sets. Around others,
though, she is every bit the growing young woman that she appears to
be. She has only recently started experiencing what it means to be on
her own, so there are times she is unsure of herself, but being in a
foreign country for three years while attending college has given her
confidence in her own abilities and helped her to mature into a
responsible adult. She tries to be as optimistic as she can

:iconmiz-inthesky: Walk Amongst The Dead by miz-inthesky
:icontwista-lolita: Ishaan Patel
:iconchineseninjawarrior:  REOC JAMName: Liam Akhbar
Age: 27
Occupation: Umbrella Pharmaceutical software engineer
Skill-set: Expert with computers and electronics
Personality: Friendly and helpful, with a strict adherence to respecting authority and one’s superiors, and to the status quo.
Allegiance (if any, e.g. Umbrella): Allegiance initially to Umbrella as he believes the company is merely a very successful health industry, unfamiliar with its true nature until he finds himself in the middle of the Raccoon City apocalypse.
Appearance: Average height, considered handsome by others, and someone who spends as much time on his appearance as he does keeping up-to-date on IT news.
Outfit(s): Smart casual business attire.
Strengths: Moderately above average in stamina and strength from his frequent visits to the gym, but lacking any physical combat experience.
Weaknesses: Inability to keep himself composed during a serious emergency due to him never being removed from his comfort zone at work or within his social cir

:iconniavalae: Abbie and Leon


:star: ART :star:

REOC Jam sketchdump by Shakahnna Don't You Worry Love. by Dama-Rossa Commission: Blanky by MK-Dragon Luna by exucomic Jennifer Fitzgerald for Shakahnna Fin by Clchriskl Commission: Nika Kuznetsova by Miyuki-shikaEthan and Shak for Shakahnna - SemiFin by Clchriskl Pagedoll pixel Commission for Shakahnna by AruOwlsArtsPagedoll pixel Commission for Shakahnna by AruOwlsArtsCommision - Ethan Burke by cribeliaPagedoll pixel Commission for Shakahnna by AruOwlsArtsPagedoll pixel Commission for Shakahnna by AruOwlsArtsPagedoll pixel Commission for Shakahnna by AruOwlsArtsEthan and Shak [C] by AngelKiteCOM: ORLY by Danielle-chanCommission: Luna Claymore by SapphireAngelBunny OC sketchdump 2 by Shakahnna

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