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I've not done one of these in an age and since it's coming up for the Holidays I thought it might be fun. Sorry for the huge delay, real life has been kicking me in the cunt :rofl: 


1. For each person who comments on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. Only 15 slots though.

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1.  :iconsethrios:  At first I couldn't find any art of her on your current account but my favourite is probably Sapphire. Probably because aesthetically half of her face is just a massive scar. She's also a redhead and from a series that I am quite familiar with. I liked how her clothing was fairly simple and she always looked quite bashed up. All things I appreciate in a design. 
Farewell My Hellion by Sethrios  Sapphire By Linkaton by Sethrios

2. :iconmastersaruwatari: I picked Neggy as the OC for here. Mainly because she just seems quite full of life and ready to go for it. I also quite like the darker hair with the white through it. The matching clothing suits her very well too. Basic but eye catching. Check me out. Thinking I know fashion ;) 
NegInk's first attire By Knottsofast by MasterSaruwatari Neggy's third attire   By Kukochan31 by MasterSaruwatari
3. :icondama-rossa:  I had picked Violetta because I am the most familiar with her I think. Just... she is so completely fucked up and it's absolutely not her fault. She fell in love with someone who didn't care about her well being and she ended up broken and lost. I feel so very bad for her. Especially since she developed such a violent and angry persona to try and protect herself. I also quite like the fact that she really does often look like a doll that someone else has dressed. 
Sacred Lines. by Dama-Rossa Gallows. by Dama-Rossa I am loosing it. by Dama-Rossa
4. :iconempress-of-dark: I had picked Azrael because she has that awesome eye patch but also seems a bit hardcore and awesome with that weapon.  
+ Sanctus - Azrael + by Empress-of-Dark
5. :icontwista-lolita: What can I say? This fucker right here. This guy should be all rights be dead but he's filled his body with nano technology and now it almost doesn't matter what you do with him. I really love the fact you can even tell from his face that he is someone a little bit refined, his features have a sharpness to them which generally indicates a quickness of mind. Physically the design is very striking, no one would ever mistake this guy for a kindly old man I don't think. The stitches on the head and the mouth are just .... yes. Isn't so very often that old men (or even more rarely old women) appear so that by itself is something quite interesting. I like the fact that his immortality didn't hit at 20 and keeping him looking young and 'perfect' forever. He's got a body you can see has been lived in. I also think he would make a wonderful villain in any story. He's so smug and unapologetic.  
Pressure Point by Twista-Lolita Hey Look I'm Not Dead by Twista-Lolita
6. :iconbliss-whitely: This was such a hard one to do. I've gotten to know all of Angel's OC intimately and as such it made the choice so much harder. I adore Catalina and even Damon. Have gotten to know Chen that much better this year as well. And that is only her awesome REOC's. But at the end of the day I probably have to pick Bliss. She has changed so much in the time and I've gotten to watch that which is awesome. I love how troubled she is over how awful she was. It's wonderful to see her struggle to try and right all the wrongs that she has done. Despite her virus there is something very human about someone struggling like that. Just doing the best that they can with what they've got. I also really love her interaction with other OC's as well as canon characters. Characters who have their own virus are fairly common but I love how she falls in so deep, loving the power. But over the decades that erodes and she starts to genuinely loathe it and view it as it is, a virus that shouldn't be there. Maybe she'll get that happy ending but not today. 

RE Bliss Whitely by Bliss-Whitely Let me show you by Bliss-Whitely Lamb amongst wolves by Bliss-Whitely
7. :iconchargal4: I had picked her Lich Lily. Reanimated corpses are always a favourite here. 

Lily 2010 by Chargal4  Custom Doll, Lily by Chargal4 Protection by Chargal4
8. :iconcupcaketurrentcat: I had picked Arctic Cleaver because her head has been cut off. I don't normally think allot of the cutexgore stuff but there is something very morbid about how happy and sweet she looks while her neck stump bleeds. Very interesting. 

Arctic Cleaver +Original Species MLP OC+ by CupcakeTurrentCat
9. :iconyour-undead: Another hard one because of the variety of relevant to my interests OC's that you have. I met Crypt Queen first and thought she had a very unique story and temperament. Also loved her design. But in the end I have picked Quincy. Probably because he's properly dangerous even though he actually seems quite harmless and affable. Just looks like a bit of an old time gent, someone who holds open doors and got married to a lovely country girl. But he's actually completely a little shit. Always like to see characters that aren't what they initially appear. By which I do not mean little girls who are super powered etc but just people who've got more going on than they let on. He's got a knowing little smile but it doesn't seem sinister until you realize why he is smiling. Which I imagine most people don't until it's too late. 

sketch nov3 by your-undead
10. :iconmindforcet: While looking through your gallery I found some genuinely gorgeous pictures of Azazel but in the end I am so much more familiar with Luna. Just an ordinary girl thrown into a pretty terrible situation. I think we see Umbrella the same way, so I think I tend to move towards her. She's treated very cruelly but I really liked the way she came out of it. Decided to put her life towards doing something about them and stopping the same thing happening to other people. Can get behind that a million times. She's also such a pretty little thing and I really like the bloody eye patch that when removed has a large scar down it. I think there is something to be said for characters who don't come away complete unscathed from such appalling conditions. 

Luna5 by MindForcet A Prisoner of umberlla by MindForcet Resident Evil OC- Luna Claymore by MindForcet
11. :iconraax-theicewarrior: So going through the gallery I think I must have ended up with at least twenty tabs open trying to decide who I was going to pick. Mirrorverse stuff is always good (China in particular). But I don't think I ever really much cared for the GB! stuff until we first met. There was always so much thought put into them that it made them much more interesting. So I am going to have to go with Clark. Never much one for the Claire x Leon but I am really very taken with his relationship with Leona. There's something exceptionally quirky about anyone so manly running around in a pink suit and being cool with that. It's progressive and I like it. I also like how easy going he is compared with the uptight female cop. Also seeing him all British punky was very cool. I would love to play a game where he was the main character. I also like his evolution and I think for him it actually fits. 

REGB Clark and Leona by Raax-theIceWarrior  REGB - Clark Vs Zombies by Raax-theIceWarrior British Cosplay - Clark and Leona by Raax-theIceWarrior RE Genderbending ClarkREdesign by Raax-theIceWarrior
BONUS - How did you get here China? 2PChina's den by Raax-theIceWarrior

12. :iconresident-evil-stars: The first thing I realized is that I really need to get my ass in gear and comment on some of your gorgeous art. Secondly this was another hard one. I know how most of your characters looks but not really so much about who they are. I didn't want to pick someone based solely on aesthetics because that feels disrespectful, there is (and has to be) more to any character. While ordinarily dark hair and dark eyes are where I lean, Aeron is gorgeous looking. The white hair and dark eyes are quite striking. But how a character looks can change and it won't mean so much but when their personality changes, they evolve. In the end, I did have to pick Cayden. I think because I was introduced to him through Rose. Over the years I've kinda gotten used to Rose's OC's and mine being like siblings. And so my introduction to him was through that. And how he interacted with John and it was such a shame we never got to play together. She used to tell me about how John would feel towards him and I got my first impression of him from that. Got to see all that rage and how stoic he appeared but all the things going on underneath. How could he not? I very much am drawn to people who aren't quite what they seem, at least in fiction. There is always something that more interesting about a character having some sort of struggle going. That I imagine is part of what makes him so dangerous is that struggle going on inside him. He's a man who is not okay with himself (I just hope I am not so out of the loop that I am making you cross eyed Ms Stars.) but there's gotta be redemption in there some place. Get that peace that he needs. You do have a soul and you will be recognized. 

Wanna Live Like a Super Villain by Resident-evil-STARS Mr. Grumpy Gills by Resident-evil-STARS(LOOK AT THAT.) Cayden: Clothing Refs by Resident-evil-STARS Anger Management by Resident-evil-STARS
14. :iconmorticia-lynne: A new face! Hello new face :wave: Flat out any gallery that contains lots of gore I am really going to struggle to find a favourite. I think Misery and Company seemed like a good choice. I don't think I've ever seen a woman whose job is a butcher. Have seen OC's with that profession before but never really as women. Also think that they have quite an interesting dynamic between them. I really like the fact Company can see via her hair pins. Also the fact that they have such a violent relationship, that always increases my interest in any pairing. 

Misery And Company by Morticia-Lynne  Happy Valentines Day! by Morticia-Lynne Missing by Morticia-Lynne
15. :iconflutist: 

Well I've had the pleasure of being able to watch Mami evolve and I think that is probably why in the end I am going to pick her. It's like getting to see someone grow up and change along the way. Think there is something quite special about that and if I am having trouble then it's the way I'll usually pick the one I have the more emotionally invested in. If I have feelings towards them that's the one. Which is nice in and amongst itself. So it just had to be Mami. She was introduced to me first and so have been following her progress,

Introverts are normally friendly until you get to know them but there isn't anything like that. Once you get to know her, she's still introverted. There is no soft bubbly friendly core beneath it all and I like that. I mean I'd assume she just has a different way of expressing when she likes someone. But she prefers her own company and is perfectly happy in it.  She's also a wicked support character, doesn't enjoy the fighting but is very capable of it. She has this really interesting and unique fighting style and my favourite of hers is the infusing thread with her water abilities and that is what she uses. But also it can be used to stitch battle wounds and fix clothing as well. I think she took what had the potential to be something quite banal and made it into something very interesting. I also love her clothing, especially the fourth picture along. It's very stylish. She's got quite a pretty face but I think she often looks a bit cold and aloof which is a very nice touch too. Love this lady :heart: 

3Divas by flutist Mamitan fullbody by flutist CL: Special Feeling Meme: Telmi by flutist Combo Lock: Mami Tan by flutist Mami-Tan updated by flutist

BONUS! Helioz. Because if your character has wicked facials scars I am probably going to fancy them. At least a bit.   
Vienna White Sage by flutist Hel x Cael by flutist
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