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:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Entries! :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:


-AU- Hired to Kill"Get a grip of yourself, Shak," She muttered under her breath, racing through the trees and forest. She'd seen people raptured, and now the world was in far more chaos. The undead numbers had dwindled, but they were still out there. Just as He was still out there.
Dangers were around every corner. Angels, demons, and undead could snatch you up before you even had a chance. Now, more than ever, was this a chance for survival. Shakahnna couldn't help but feel a twinge of fear. Things were out there. Things she had never been trained to fight, and now had to rely on human senses. She also knew that many people out there would happily kill for money, and she had to admit, she was doing the same thing.
It paid for the booze. 
Her boots cruched the branches underneath as she came to a stop, eyes on the burning city. It had only been two days ago. People just vanished, cities under chaos. Constant fire burned and people were eagerly taking advantage of it. Shak had seen it. Planes still

:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Theme :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

The theme will be Shak and Wesker. Like before, we want to emphasise the hateship and the depth of animosity between the two of them in their relationship. Conflict and friction are vital, but so is the underpinning relationship.


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: References :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Image Ref for Shak:

Outfits Ref for Shak:

Face Claim and Expressions for Shak:

Image/Outfit Ref for Wesker:

Text Biographies:

Relationship Counselling Meme:


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Other OC’s References :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

The DMD Crew:

DMD Crew height and weight ref:


Any other OC who is a friend/enemy of Shak is also more than welcome. If you’d like details of other OC’s then send a note.


Any additional information you need or questions you have, feel free to send a note.


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Rules :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

01. Shak and Wesker must be present in the piece in order for it to be judged. A picture of Wesker on his own wouldn’t count as an entry. They should be interacting and in character.


02. No Nudity. Absolutely no nudity. No nekkid. Do not naked. You cannot naked. Naked is my least favourite thing to do. Pictures featuring naked will be disqualified.


03. Only four entries will be judged per entrant. In the highly unlikely event that there are more than four from a single person, our favourite four would be taken forward.


04. Please don’t submit previously existing artwork, even altered, no matter how beautiful and sexy it is.


05. Don’t submit anyone else’s artwork, just in case it doesn’t go without saying.


06. Adhere to DA’s terms of service, although anything particularly gory can be hosted outside of DA and linked back to us.


07. Violence and gore encouraged. These two are not friends.


08. In the case of XNALara or other posing software entries, images from the same scene but from different angles won’t count as two separate entries.


09. Resident Evil 5 Wesker is not desirable. It’s okay if you like him, but we have no interest in seeing him. Everyone has their own interpretation, since he is a very popular character. We’ve tried our best to show how we see him for the purposes of this contest. That’s the Wesker that we’d like to see. Think of it as an AU/ OC whatever you like. Entries featuring RE5 Wesker will lose points for not following the rules.


10. While we will accept black and white entries, any artwork submitted must be finished. No sketches or work-in-progress will be included.


11. We don’t mind looking at work in progress entries if you want feedback before the entry is finished and submitted. Link us up by note.


12. Please give proper credit to the creators of other OCs if you use them in your entry.


13. AU’s are totally awesome and accepted.


14. Any medium accepted. Traditional, digital, 3D, literature, anything.


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Prizes :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

1st Place - One entry winning $200

2nd Place - One entry winning $100

3rd Place - Two entries winning $75 each

4th Place - Two entries winning $50 each

5th Place - Two entries winning $25 each

6th Place - Five entries winning $10 each

7th Place - Ten entries winning $5 each


All prizes will be available in points/voucher equivalent. I’ll also be willing to make online purchases up to the value of the prize (including shipping) and have them delivered to winners directly.

But Shak! How will you judge these entries? Well myself, thank you for asking. Here is the sort of thing we look for 


No Preview


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Deadline :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Contest will be closing on September 30th.


:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: Entries :bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletblue:




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